Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation booths

What is it and what is it for?

Simultaneous interpretation booths

So that your international conference in Chile is successful you will need professional simultaneous interpreters to work within an interpretation booth (also known as “translation booth”). Both interpreters listen and speak inside this booth using headphones and microphones. The booth can be easily installed in a place where it does not catch everyone’s attention and provides a good view of the room. That way, simultaneous interpreters can quietly interpret messages into other languages without interfering in your event or being distracted. There are microphones, transmitters, lamps, chairs, table and, very importantly, glasses of water! That help interpreters cope with the talking they do while your event takes place

SOS IDIOMAS provides high quality simultaneous interpretation booths, used at hundreds of international congresses in Chile, monitored by professional audiovisual technicians and used only by professional interpreters with much expertise.

We can gladly help you out if you need to hire simultaneous interpreters and interpretation booth!

cabina traduccion simultanea

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