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We are simultaneous interpretation experts, as well as in translation and language services in general.  We’re glad you are visiting our website. Here you will find useful information regarding our translation and interpretation services and how we can help you out at your international event or conference in Chile.

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As our name says it (“idiomas” means “languages”) our specialty are language services. We work with the following languages: SPANISH, ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH. We can also provide interpretation services in Chile involving other languages. These are our translation services:
- Simultaneous translation service
- Simultaneous translation equipment rental
- Simultaneous interpretation service
- Written translation services

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You organize your international events in Chile according  to your needs and goals. Every event is unique and organized differently. Our fees are also determined by the specific characteristics of your event and needs. If you require a quote, we can gladly send you one; non-binding, of course!

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Simultaneous translation is the exercise of translating orally an oral speech from language A into language B almost instantaneously. Simultaneous translation is also called simultaneous interpretation in the bibliography.

We offer simultaneous translation or simultaneous interpretation services, since we have professional simultaneous translators in Santiago and regions throughout Chile, along with all the simultaneous interpretation equipment necessary for the realization of an international event, be it a workshop, seminar, conference or international congress. Our simultaneous interpreters and our simultaneous interpretation equipment have been successful in hundreds of international conferences throughout Chile.

You can count on our service of simultaneous interpreters and simultaneous interpretation equipment (booth, transmitters, microphones for interpreters) and amplification for your international event (loudspeakers and microphones).

The correct term for "simultaneous translation" is "simultaneous interpretation", since, while the translation is written, the interpretation is oral in nature. For illustrative purposes, we have used both terms as synonyms in this article.

Simultaneous interpretation is the action of transferring an oral message from one language to another in real time and with a minimum delay.

Simultaneous interpretation is also known as simultaneous translation, a less appropriate term but more widely used than the correct one of simultaneous interpretation.

The simultaneous interpretation service needs technical equipment to be provided (interpreting booth, transmitters and microphones for interpreters, interpretation receivers with headphones for your event attendees, amplification). We can provide this high quality simultaneous interpreting equipment for you at a competitive price and with highly experienced technicians in the field, which guarantees the technical success of your conference.

Consecutive translation is the translation modality in which a translator translates what he or she has heard previously by taking notes.

Consecutive translation is the known name for consecutive interpretation.

In this mode the consecutive interpreter listens silently and takes notes of what a speaker says in another language for a few minutes and then is given the floor to interpret into another language what he heard earlier.

Consecutive interpreting can be used for short events with a small audience, as it increases the duration of an event and can be uncomfortable for several hours or an entire day. It is recommended to hire simultaneous interpretation services instead when the event lasts more than 2 hours. We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services throughout Chile, so we will be happy to assist you if you are looking for professional translators and interpreters for your international event.

Simultaneous interpreters are professionals capable of transmitting an oral speech they heard in language A to language B almost instantaneously.

Simultaneous translators are professionals who perform faithful interpretations from one language to another from a translation/interpretation booth.

There are those who know them as instant interpreters or instant translators, however, the correct meaning is simultaneous interpreters.

Simultaneous interpreters speak at least two languages perfectly. They have a broad general knowledge and a very good command of the subject of the conference in which they interpret. They work from an interpreting booth equipped with headphones through which they listen to the speakers and microphones towards which they speak. Conference attendees listen to them through simultaneous interpretation receivers.

All equipment for simultaneous interpretation and amplification of an international conference can be provided by our company. Just contact us and we will gladly advise you on the organization of your international event.

Simultaneous translators work in pairs, since they take turns every 20 to 25 minutes to perform the simultaneous translation. Since the work of the simultaneous translator is mentally quite exhausting, it is recommended that there are always 2 translators in the booth to support each other.

Simultaneous interpretation is key to the success of an international conference or congress, so we recommend leaving it in the hands of professional simultaneous interpreters like us. We would be pleased to help you with your request for translation and interpreting services.


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Gonzalo Serce (29) is the founder and interpretation manager of SOS IDIOMAS. He has attended hundreds of international conferences in Chile and abroad as simultaneous interpreter.

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